Write a blog! That’s what well-meaning family members and friends have been telling me for years. I put them off of this idea with protests of “I don’t have the time” or better yet, “What would I write about?”
    This always threw them off, leading to multiple suggestions that just wouldn’t be a fit for me. It always worked, that is, until someone suggested something I might actually enjoy doing.
    I was going through websites and blogs of book reviewers while trying to promote my own book. I sighed enviously as another page popped up. “They’re so lucky,” I said. “They read and review books all day. I would love doing that.”
“Why don’t you?” The eager well meaner seemed to pop up out of nowhere.
I should have noticed the glint in her eye, but I didn’t see it for what it was until much later, when I had already fallen into the trap. “How would I get to do that?” I asked guilbly.
“Write a blog!” was the triumphant reply.
“But…” I started to protest.
“It’s not like you don’t already do it,” the wellmeaner pointed out. “You review every book you read to everyone you know all the time.”
“I…” I began again, but it was too late. The idea was too tempting. Writing a blog suddenly seemed… fun.
And so here I am….

Price McNaughton was born and raised in a small town in Tennessee. A childhood steeped in the stories and legends of her ancestors as well as the southern way of life led her to carry on the tradition and become a storyteller herself. After years of traveling and working at a variety of jobs, she has finally returned to her roots and devoted herself to writing and reviewing books. A Vision of Murder is her first book.