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Book review: Death on a Deadline by Sandy Gaskin, Christine Lynxwiler and Jan Reynolds

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Death on a Deadline was an entertaining book. I particularly enjoyed the first few chapters. As a whole, it has clean writing and it reads to me as if I am being told a story, which is one of the styles of writing I enjoy the most. I would be greatly surprised if the writers are not from the South because they provided a very accurate portrayal of people, ways and traditions in the South. The writing was just “southern” enough to be believable and set the scene without being fake or over the top. I enjoyed the camaraderie of the family and the townspeople. I liked the characters and setting and would definitely try another book by the authors.  In my opinion, it would be a great book (five stars) for a church group or Christian group because it does not contain overly gory or sexual material. While it does mention Christianity, it is not in an overbearing or pushy manner and blends in nicely with the small town southern setting.  The relationship of the sisters is refreshing and engaging. Overall, it is an enjoyable, light read. I hope to see more from these authors. You can buy it at:

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Price McNaughton was born and raised in a small town in Tennessee. A childhood steeped in the stories and legends of her ancestors as well as the southern way of life led her to carry on the tradition and become a storyteller herself. After years of traveling and working at a variety of jobs, she has finally returned to her roots and devoted herself to writing and reviewing books. A Vision of Murder is her first book.

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