Author Interview with Bill Gourgey Part 2

I am incredibly excited to be interviewing Bill Gourgey of The Glide Trilogy. Bill’s interview was split into two parts with the first part broadcasting on March 13th.

The Glide Trilogy


The Prophet’s Revenge

In Glide, The Prophet’s Revenge, genius inventor Dr. Magigate (the Captain) must confront his shadowy legacy when innocent teen Maddy Langsley is kidnapped by an evil fugitive, the Prophet, Dr. Magigate’s erstwhile foe and lover. Thus begins the Glide Trilogy set in a future world dominated by the miraculous inventions of Dr. Magigate, chief among them Glide which controls gravity.

When Maddy and Mike trespass Knot Hall, a grand seaside estate that appears to be in ruin, they set in motion forces that have been pent up since the dark days of the Academy—a nefarious organization that brought civilization to the brink by unleashing war and plague in an attempt to control the dwindling natural resources of an ailing planet. The Prophet escapes her island prison and takes Maddy hostage just as the Neos. a new organization fashioned after the Academy, assert themselves by bending the considerable technologies of the future to their will—technologies largely devised by Captain Magigate. At last, the Captain must face not only the Prophet but also the ambiguous legacy of his inventions. Glide is a dark and quixotic look at what happens when invention reaches beyond its pale to compensate for the shortcomings of heart and soul.

Nu Logic
Rise of the Neos

In Nu Logic, Rise of the Neos, accomplished virologist, Dr. Janot (whose specialty is crossover pathogens that make the leap between organics, inorganics, hardware, and software), threatens the promising Glide era with his wildly popular augmented reality gaming world—Neology. Only the genius inventor, Captain Magigate, can stop him, but Magigate is lost in the past with his erstwhile lover and foe, the Prophet. Teenage artist Maddy’s cryptic paintings hold the key to reaching the Captain, but will she discover their secret in time to stop Dr. Janot, whose Connected Reality vision threatens to transform the human experience forever?

About the Author

Bill Gourgey is a technologist, venture capital advisor, and former Accenture managing partner who now writes fiction full time. Bill’s publications include Glide, The Prophet’s Revenge (book 1 in his Glide Trilogy), Nu Logic, Rise of the Neos (book 2), Outside the Box (a volume of poetry), and Unfamiliar Fruit (the first in a 3-part collection of short stories).

In addition to Bill’s extensive technology experience over the course of more than twenty years at Accenture, Bill served on a Transmedia panel at Digital Hollywood in NY in 2011; he presented social media topics to the Northern Virginia Writers Group (NOVA) in 2012 and at Intervention Con in Washington, DC in August, 2013. Bill has also presented at the DC Public Library on the impact of technology on our lives. He has been interviewed by Big Blend Radio and Sword & Laser (hosts Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt). Bill has also read his works to students at Maret School in Washington, DC.

Bill lives with his family in Washington, DC and on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Visit his website at or visit Glide & Nu Logic: Rise of the Neos at Amazon.

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