If you enjoy Jane Austen books and have wished in vain for just one more, here it is! The author blends Jane Austen’s style artfully with a more modern style of writing, making Lizzie Church’s novel reminiscent to that famed author of old while still remaining quite an original work. Curricle & Chaise features both wit and a variety of interesting characters that pull the reader into another world, where marriage prospects, pounds per year, and reputation reign supreme. Details of the countryside, traditions, and styles of the day are to the degree that I cannot even imagine the amount of research and time invested in this book. The results are an entertaining read that is perfect while enjoying tea or after walking in your garden….
In my opinion, it would be a wonderful book for the reader who wants to truly immerse themselves in a different time and place. This is a book for lingering over and enjoying. To quote one of the sayings of the day, it is exactly to my taste.