The scent of fresh-baked bread, cookies and cakes seemed to actually waft through the air as I read this book. The descriptions of the food pushed me to starving at times, and I wished in vain for pain au chocolate on more than one occasion. A plus to this book is the fact that recipes were included for several of the food items described. I hope to experiment soon!
While Christian based, I did not find it overbearing, and I actually enjoyed it. The main theme that I was able to draw from it is that a path may be perfectly clear and ready for us at times that we are unable to see, and sometimes it is best to have faith. Reorganizing your mind to what life actually is, or could be, instead of the way you thought it would be is a great (and universal) message for youth today and it certainly appealed to me. In my opinion, this book would be perfect for a church group, both old and young, for different reasons.
For the young, it contains a great message of opening your mind to possibilities for the future; the fact that plans (even life plans) change and things usually work out. For the older generation, especially parents, the message I drew from it was that sometimes you must have faith in your children. What you want for them may not always be best or (if you are religious) God’s plan for them. It is also a great book in general. I loved the French quotes at the beginning of every chapter as well as the integration of French language into the text. In short, it is a good, clean, and enjoyable light read.

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