Beauty Gone Wild! Herbal Recipes for Gorgeous Skin & Hair (Herbs Gone Wild!) was a fantastic read. From the recipes for face masks to toothpaste, it covers a wide range of products. I love the fact that in most, if not all, cases several options are available for each category. This means that some are very specific and able to address certain problems the reader may be experiencing, such as acne. I, myself, can’t wait to start experimenting with perfumes. I’m also excited to try several of the other recipes, especially since I have already seen success with honey masks and apple cider vinegar rinses over the past few months.  The fact that many of the items in these recipes may already be in your home is a plus, in my opinion. All in all, I think this book is perfect for the person who is open to new ideas (or old ideas depending on how you look at it!) and who is looking for natural alternatives to conventional beauty products.